The all-new 7 and 11 seater KIA Grand Sedona is absolute proof that a car with great power and presence can also possess a superbly sleek and sporty profile. The Grand Sedona takes you to a place where superior design and truly smart features combine with a deep understanding of your practical driving needs. It's a place where maximum luxury goes hand in hand with a respect for economy - a place where the exceptional meets the everyday. Living life to the fullest is about enjoying everything you do, and that includes driving. With the all-new Grand Sedona, making room for memories is easy.






Quality of life is all about feeling you have more than enough time to spare. The all-new KIA Grand Sedona is designed to offer optimum efficiency and simplicity to help make your life easier and allow you to enjoy every precious moment.








The perfect interior environment offers an innovative approach to comfort by making sure you feel refreshed in all driving conditions while having everything you need at your fingertips. In the all-new Grand Sedona, the wide, horizontal slanted centre console and the abundance of space combine with luxury styling to exceed your expectations. Live life to the fullest and explore the limits of your potential in outstanding comfort and style.







Peace of mind comes when safety is considered from every angle, when power is combined with refinement and tranquility. The all-new KIA Grand Sedona offers advanced anti-collision features and a high strength chassis to deliver maximum safety, allowing you to effortlessly rise above the toughest demands on your driving skills in any urban landscape.






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